#147 Republicans & The Social Issues

Program #147 “Republicans and the Social Issues” – 8/24/2014 – Synopsis

Program #147 follows up Program #146 where I delineated the differences between the Republican and Democrat parties. Even though I explained that traditionally the Republican Party has stood for the law of God over populism, this follow-up program discusses the fact that many unprincipled people have entered the ranks of the Republican Party. Many identify with Republicanism for economic reasons, but they have no interest in the social issues. Consequently, there is a movement in the Republican Party to drop opposition to homosexual marriage and abortion. In this program I cover their reasons: polling, attracting young people, limited government and personal freedom. Then I explain the reason why we should stand firm on the social issues. In the past the Republicans have succeeded by staying true to God. In the short term, standing for Biblical morality looks like the end of the Party; but in the long term, we will succeed and be vindicated.

Scriptures Referenced: Micah 7:2-5; Jeremiah 6:13; Isaiah 1:21; Jeremiah 5:31; Matthew 15:9; Jeremiah 9:12-13; Isaiah 1:28; Psalm 37:10; Daniel 3:16-18; Hebrews 11:26