#251 The Gulag Archipelago – Pt. 2

Program #251 “The Gulag Archipelago is Coming Part 2 – 8/21 /2016 – Synopsis

Part two continues by looking at the reasons why the Russians put evil communists into power and then, out of fear or personal gain, did nothing to stop the holocaust. Secular sociologists, who try to explain the world without God and sin, attribute the tyranny to Russian communal values, to the mistakes of the czars, or to Russian military defeats in the 19th century. However, environmental differences do not adequately explain evil. Solzhenitsyn writes that the old timers in Russia
had it right in saying, “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

In the spurning of God, the intellectuals in Russia attempted to build a new society on an anti-christ foundation of truth and law. It was a codifying of how the left in America today thinks the world should operate – the state is God, truth is relative, and law is based on pragmatism. Solzhenitsyn dedicates at least three chapters to the new laws of the Bolsheviks. They so hated God’s law that, once in power, they substituted the classic Christian foundation of law with something entirely strange. The results were ugly. A nation cannot survive denying God’s eternal, moral verities any more than a society could survive denying the existence of gravity.

The lesson for today’s generation is that if God is not God, man will become God, and the rule of man is the worse tyranny. Christianity and the rule of God’s law have made America great and free; but when we abandon God as our judge, our law maker and our king (Isaiah 33:22), we will no longer be great or free.

In the 20th century, the Russian people chose “No God.” Their nation became Hell on earth. Solzhenitsyn writes “What then was there for them to object to? That [Communism] is what they had dedicated their lives to.”