#254 The Lesser of Two Evils – Part 1

Program #254-255 “Lesser of Two Evils – Part 1& 2” –
9/18/2016 – Synopsis

There is still angst in the Christian community concerning whether or not to cast a vote for Donald Trump. Even though Trump is running on the conservative pro-life, pro-traditional marriage Republican platform, his personal positions are more liberal and his moral character is in doubt. As Marvin Olasky recently wrote in a World magazine editorial, “Trump is a proud adulterer. Clinton
is a proud pro-abortionist. Since character counts, both will almost certainly be presidential failures.”

A number of Evangelical leaders have publicly made a defense of Donald Trump, mostly under a belief that Christians must vote for the lesser of two evils. It is that unbiblical, unsubstantiated assumption that I address in these two programs.

In Program #1, I refute seven typical arguments put forth in support of voting for the lesser of two evils.

1. Unless Jesus Christ is on the ballot, we always vote for the lesser of two evils.

2. We are voting for Commander-in-Chief, not Pastor-in-Chief.

3. Trump might make good.

4. God often uses rough characters to help God’s people.

5. Our immediate priority is to save our nation and families so we can fight another day.

6. To not vote for Trump is to vote for Hillary.

7. The lesser evil has good qualities.

In Program #2, I finally get to some Biblical examples and teachings that explain why Christians ought to take a stand against evil by never voting for the lesser of two evils. The classic example is the case of Jehoshaphat, Ahab and the Syrians (2 Chronicles 18-19). Jehoshaphat chose to support Ahab against the great threat of Syria. Afterward, the prophet of God did not come to Jehoshaphat and say, “Good thinking, Jehoshaphat – better to support the lesser evil against the greater evil.” No, the prophet rebukes Jehoshaphat for helping the ungodly.

Supporting the lesser of two evils may achieve some short-term gains; but, in the long term, the moral slide downward is accelerated. It all comes down to this matter of choosing short-term gains vs. long-term gains. Supporting a liberal candidate, Republican or otherwise, will hurt the moral fabric of society in the long term. When faced with the choice of two evils, that is the time for Christians to offer a third option to the society. Given the liberal slide within the Republican party (the takeover by the economic Republicans) the day is soon coming when a third party must be formed. We may be seeing the beginnings of this movement.

Furthermore, the lesser of two evils ideology has been a tool used by evil to get a foothold. For decades Christians have been told that we must accept civil unions; otherwise, we will get same-sex marriage… or we must accept legalized drugs; otherwise, we will be supporting drug cartels… or we must vote for the liberal Republican; otherwise, we will get a radical left Democrat. All we have gotten from this compromise is more evil. We got abortion in 1973 under a liberal Republican president, administration, and judicial appointees.

Back in 1854, when neither party (Democrats and Whigs) would take a stand against slavery, the anti-slavery Whigs decided to start their own party. Yes, they had to lose a few elections, but in the long term their uncompromising stand won the day.