#257 The Testimony of Venezuela

Program #257 “The Testimony of Venezuela10/2/2016 – Synopsis

In the same way that the old Soviet Union has left an enduring testimony to the horrors and tyranny of economic collectivism, Venezuela is the current showcase over which the world can marvel. The country is in economic collapse, inflation is over 100%, there is no employment, and the store shelves are empty – all because the people thought they could vote for themselves largesse out of the public treasury. As Margret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. Well, in Venezuela they have run out of money, and this is a warning to America which is on the same path.

After reviewing the history of Venezuela’s current crisis, I explain how the government is still blaming private enterprise for all of the woes. Communism always used Capitalism as its scapegoat. For this reason the Venezuelans, who love the government handouts, have doubled down on socialism. The only solution is for Christian leaders to teach the people God’s Biblical economic laws.

Scripture References: Isaiah 30:8-9; I Kings 18:21; Ezra 7:10; Isaiah 8:20-22