#277 Five Myths

Program #277 “Five Myths” – 2/19/2017 – Synopsis

Back in January, I presented a lecture on the Christian philosophy of civil government before a political group in Northern New Jersey. I was expecting to edit the presentation into a God and Country Radio program, but I found it is almost impossible to turn a live delivery into good radio. Therefore, I re-recorded one aspect of the lecture – 5 myths that have been used to discredit the inclusion of Christianity in the public square. Every well-informed Christian should know these tactics of the world and be able to refute them.

1. The Myth of the Evil Theocracy

2. The Myth of Neutrality

3. The Myth of Ideological Equality or Fairness

4. The Myth of Biblical Uncertainty and Unreasonableness

5. The Myth of Pluralism

Scriptural References: Romans 13; Isaiah 33:12; Revelation 1:5; Matthew 28:18-19; 1 Timothy 6:15; Psalm 89:27, 9:17, 33:12, 72:11; 1 Kings 11