#28 The Tea Party

Synopsis –

The Tea Party Rebellion – Program #28 – November 7, 2010

The program, “The Tea Party Rebellion” compares the Republican landslide in the November 2010 elections to the Biblical story of Rehoboam. (1 Kings 12) As Rehoboam did not listen to the pleas of the people to reduce spending and taxes, so the Democratic Administration in power did not listen. The results were the same—a grass roots effort to overthrow the current administration.

The program covers some of the events this summer that inspired the anger of the public: The details of the stimulus spending, a report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis showing how much more public employees earn, Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain.

The program also comments on the creation of the bureaucratic leisure class and how Government largess is a greater threat to justice than private business.

The bottom line is that in Ecclesiastes 5:8 we are reminded that God uses groups in society, such as the Tea Parties, to hinder corruption in society. Even unbelievers don’t want their money squandered and their country driven to bankruptcy.