#218 Masada

Program #218 “Masada” – 1/03/2016 – Synopsis

I begin 2016 with a history program about the Jewish Freedom fighters who held out against the Roman army at the fortress of Masada
(AD 73). Masada is a reminder that often a patriotic, flag waving, political agenda may be presented as God’s cause; but actually is from the pit of Hell.

The Jews at Masada believed they were following in the footsteps of the great men of faith such as Joshua, Gideon, and David. Eleazar, the leader of the Jewish Zealots, inspired his followers to fight and die for the principle of liberty. It was a “give me liberty or give me death” movement. But sometimes the call for liberty can be an excuse for lawlessness and rebellion.

Christians ought to be on guard against both secular liberalism and certain forms of religious conservatism because the devil has both groups in his pocket.

Scriptures Referenced: Acts 21:38; Matthew 24:1-2; Luke 21:20-24; John 5:42-43; Luke 23:27-32; Jeremiah 27:8-11; Romans 13:1; Psalm 2:2-4; Matthew 23:37-39; Acts 4:12