#302 AD 70 and the Zealots

Program #302 “AD 70 and the Zealots” – 8/13/2017– Synopsis

This week’s program is another look into the political party of the Zealots and their misguided zeal which brought about both the destruction of Jerusalem and the 2000-year Diaspora of the Jews. It is impossible to be Biblically educated and wise in political activism if one has not first thoroughly studied the Biblical account of the Zealots. They are given to us as an example of everything we are not to be in our political/social outreach.

Rather than submitting to the yoke of government that God had put on the Jews, the Zealots misinterpreted Scriptures so as to come to believe it was their duty to be freedom fighters against Rome. A main spiritual lesson learned from the Zealots is that when our hearts are filled with pride and self-righteousness (even though we may think we are religious), we will set the stage for our own judgment. If you don’t get anything else from this program, get this: Obey the Scriptures! Obey them to the letter!

Scripture References: Jeremiah 2:19, 27:8-10; Daniel 7; Micah 5:1; Matthew 5:41-43; Matthew 24:2; Luke 19:43-44, 21:19-24; Revelation 22:7,9; Psalm 95:10-11, 7:14-16; 1 Peter 4:17; John 5:43; John 12:35-36