#319 The Wave of Sex Scandals

Program #319 “The Wave of Sex Scandals” – 12-10-2017 – Synopsis

Over the last couple of months, the exposing of immoral men has come about through the providence of God, for nothing takes place outside the providence of God. Therefore, we recognize that God has put all this on stage for our good and His glory. It is certainly a reminder that sin has its comeuppance – “Be sure your sin will find you out”(Num 32:23). Additionally, it serves to sanctify the church rather than to pray as the Pharisee, “I thank thee I am not like other people” (Luke
18:11). The sins of the world are to be received as an additional warning to the saints to be all the more careful to live in sexual purity. As the old saying goes, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

In regard to the culture at large, it seems strange that in the new Sodom the citizens would be morally indignant over these cases. After all, for the last 50 years, everything coming out of Hollywood has promoted the sexual revolution. The reason for the moral schizophrenia is that the world is caught between two competing ethics – sexual freedom and personal rights (particularly feminist rights). While they want free sex, they still hold to the ethic that it be consensual. This is a temporary conflict as the culture still retains some Christian ethics; but before long the consensual principle will be abandoned, and the stigma of predatory behavior will disappear. This is the nature of Sodom. The society that promotes sexual immorality – strip clubs, pornography, casual sex, etc. – will be a society that creates and tolerates many sexual predators.

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