#327 The Foolish Shepherd

Program #327 “The Foolish Shepherd” 2/4/2018 – Synopsis

This week’s radio program is an exposition of Zechariah 11 where the prophet is commanded to shepherd a flock doomed for slaughter. The Jews returning from exile were returning only to again be exiled into the Gentile nations for 2000 + years until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Zechariah is instructed to dramatize this event by resigning from ministry and dressing up as a foolish shepherd. The lesson is that if a people don’t accept righteous leadership (political or religious), fools will fill the vacuum. God gives a nation what they ultimately want and what they ultimately deserve. Scriptural texts such as this one explain why we have politicians who enact policies that destroy America.

Scripture References: Zechariah 11; Daniel 2:21; Psalm 75:6-7; Romans 13:1; Ezekiel 7:26; John 16:1-3; Isaiah 3:4-6; Daniel 2:21