#5 – Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2010 Synopsis


The program begins with a brief look at the sacrifices made by those called of God to go to war. A brief overview is given of the  O.T. and N.T. mandates for going to war for the purpose of stopping evil in the world. While The Scriptures teach man is evil, and evil needs to be judged,
liberal, secular philosophy promotes the lie that “man is basically good.” It is this wrong anthropology that produces the naivety behind pacifism and military disarmament. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of England during WW II is an example the gullibility of the progressives. The recent arms reduction treaty that was signed with Russia may reflect the same lack of insight into the nature of the world.


The remainder of the program is an interview with Pastor Charles Gross who served as a communication clerk for the 1st Technical Service Detachment responsible for the assembly of the atomic bombs that was to be dropped onJapan in the summer of 1945.


Scriptures referenced: Genesis 9, 14; Exodus 17:16; Luke 3;14; Matthew 8:5; Acts 10:22; Revelation 19:11; Romans 13:4; Psalm 144:1