#264 Starting a New Country

Program #264 “Starting a New Country” – 11/20/2016 – Synopsis

Program #264 is about starting a new country. Imagine what it must have been like for the Pilgrims coming to this new land with the goal of starting a God-centered community.

An argument could be made that the entrenched ungodly majority in American will never change; a radical exodus is needed – maybe even succession from the Union. It is not possible to pour new wine into old wine skins (Matthew. 19:17), and what is to die, let it die (Zechariah 11:9). The historical pattern of social change is not reforming the old, but voting with one’s feet and starting fresh somewhere else. Rome and Jerusalem had to fall; they could not be reformed.

If we could start a new country under God, where would it be? What would its Constitution look like? Who would populate it? How would we recruit people for it? How would we keep from repeating the same slide downward as America? and if that new country did exist, would Christians emigrate to it or stay for a while in the old country for the sake of evangelism?

At the end of the program you will discover what I am truly speaking about. I trust this program will change your perspectives on the relationship of Christianity and the State.

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