#121 Civil Government Lesson #5

Synopsis: Program #121 – “Civil Government Lesson #5 – The Secular or Christian State

Lesson #5 on Civil Government answers the question: Should the state be secular or Christian?” One might assume that the entire Christian community would answer, “Christian.” However, there are a variety of opinions concerning the relationship of the state to Christian truth. I explain the four positions: Theonomy, Principled Pluralism, Christian America, and National Confessionalism. Most Christians have not even thought about these issues. If we don’t even know what we believe, it is no wonder that the church is silent in the public arena.

The bottom line is that the Scriptures require all nations to be under the authority of Jesus Christ. I answer objections to this position, and I explain how America was not completely founded upon the Christian view of government. Practically, America is turning into Sodom because the citizenship has abandoned the historical belief in the Christian state. A primary example is the LGBT movement. Americans have not embraced the homosexual movement because 51% believe in, or practice, homosexuality. The movement has gotten a foothold because 51% believe the state is supposed to be secular. The same is true for abortion, pornography, gambling and every other vice. The proper belief in the form and role of government is key to the moral laws of a country.

Scripture References: Psalm 2; Revelation 1:5, 19:16; John 19:36; Romans 13; 1 Corinthians 9:21; 1 Kings 11; Psalm 9:17, 33:12