Radio Program #400 -Frenchism vs. Ahmarism (Pluralism vs. God’s law)

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If you are new to politics(The doctrines of civil government), this week’s program may seem a littledeep.  The normal fare in politicalpunditry is ranting about the latest insane government policy.  Sorry to disappoint, this program is aboutthe erroneous ideological belief driving the lawlessness of our day –Pluralism.  The controversy between theBiblical role of government and the secular pluralistic role of government wasagain  illustrated in a recent editorialwar between two conservatives, Sohrab Ahmari and David French.  If you are up on the Bible and the culture,you need to understand this controversy. Scripture References:  Romans 13:4; Judges 19-21; Proverbs 20:8, 26