#304 The Alternative Right

Program #304 “The Alternative Right – 8/27/2017 – Synopsis

Today’s program deserves a three-hour explanation of all of the parties and ideologies behind the protests in Charlottesville; but for starters, here is a 25-minute primer on the basics. I begin by explaining how the Alternate Right attached itself to the Republican party. I then cover the parties in Jesus’ day and explain how Christians have a hard time identifying with any particular party.

Parties are never pure. At best, only 35 percent of the Republican party claims to be evangelical in orientation. That leaves 65 percent who are in the party for a host of other reasons. At least we should be willing to criticize those within our own party who are not true, principled conservatives.

What happened in Charlottesville is evil fighting evil (Antifa vs White Nationalists). It is reminiscent of the Weimar Republic in 1920s Germany where the Nazis were rioting against the Communists and vice versa. This is the Red Shirts vs. the Brown Shirts, and one can hardly tell one group from the other because both groups are filled with hate.

If you are looking for deliverance, peace, and fulfillment, you are not going to find it by being a SJW
(Social Justice Warrior) in the Alt-Left or by being a White Nationalist in the Alt-Right. Salvation comes through Christ and by being a citizen of His Kingdom.