#309 The Way of Cain #4 -Violence

Program #309 “The Way of Cain #4 – Violence” – 10/1/2017 – Synopsis

This continuing series is about core principles and policies within the Kingdom of Man (the unsaved people in the world). The Bible describes these foundations in the story of Cain – the progenitor of the Kingdom of Man. This week’s program is about the violence in the heart of unregenerate men against God, His truth, and His people. Jesus warned us continually to expect the hatred and persecution of the world. It is no surprise that this age ends in the widespread martyrdom of the church. (Revelation. 6:9).

Dozens of violent movements and acts throughout history could be used to illustrate this point, but the current example is Antifa. I explain, in this program, how the political left is now justifying violence on the grounds that it is just to “punch” those who promote hate speech. The error is (1) defining hate speech as any conservative morality I do not like, and (2) disregarding the police and taking justice into one’s own hand. The technique is to label everyone on the right as Nazis and then to claim that because Nazism was so bad, it is justifiable to do whatever is necessary to stop the Nazis – even if you have to do violence.

This justification for violence was used by the Nazis themselves, by the Bolsheviks, by the Chicoms, by every violent group in history; and it will be used by the anti-Christ and his followers to persecute Christians.

Scripture References: Genesis 4:8; Matthew 10:22, 24:9; John 15:19, 16:2, 17:14; Revelation 6:9; Romans 3:15; 1 Peter 2:12, 4:15; Genesis 6:5,11