#219 Liberalism Hurts People

Program #219 – Liberalism Hurts People – 1/10/2015 – Synopsis

You should know the devices of Satan (2 Corinthians 2:11), along with the false ideology of the world (1 John 4:1-3). Program #219 explains some of the core principles of Secular Liberalism or, rather, Humanism. The program is a continuation of a program I did last summer called “Liberal Optimism.” In this new program, I explain how Liberalism will always claim to help when, in fact, you can be sure liberal policy will always hurt people. You can be sure this is true every time!

First, I define Liberalism – freedom from God’s law; and then I cover 5 points about Liberalism:

1. Liberalism comes packaged with a lie.

2. Liberalism is a Christian heresy.

3. Liberalism hides under the excuse of good intentions.

4. Liberalism diagnoses the wrong problem; and so it prescribes the wrong cure.

5. Liberal polices will always profess to help people, but they will always hurt people.

I conclude with an illustration that I hope you will long remember.

P.S. Conservatives can also hurt people, but when they do it is when they are pushing liberal policy.

Scriptures Referenced: 2 Peter 2:19; Proverbs 15:10; Isaiah 57:21; Romans 1:18; Matthew 10:16; Romans 13:10; 2 Timothy 2:25; Jeremiah 23:13-15,32; Matthew 23; Proverbs 21:4,27; Isaiah 64:6; Matthew 7:17-28, 12:33-34; Romans 10:15; Isaiah 52:7