#342 The Unsaved Moral Conservative

Radio Program #342 “The Moral Unsaved Conservative” – 5/20/2018 – Synopsis

In a previous program called “The Missing Truth” I explained that, despite the counsel of our Founding Fathers, morality and religion cannot keep America right. Not only will natural man break through the Constitution as a “whale breaks through a net,” but natural man will also break through morality and religion. In this follow-up program, I discuss what the Bible says about people who are “moral” and “conservative” yet unsaved. Is there such a person? Can such people help to save America?

The Pharisees were the moral conservatives in Jesus’ day, yet Jesus said they were filled with all uncleanness. In the book of Romans, Paul addressed two classes – the immoral pagans and the moral pagans. His conclusion is that the moral pagans “practice the same thing as the immoral pagans. Outwardly, some people may act more moral than others, but we all contain the same seed of evil.

I conclude with some quotes from Gresham Machen’s classic book from the 1920s,
Christianity and Liberalism. The foundation of Liberalism is a Christless Gospel that rejects the supernaturalism of the New Birth. Most Conservatism today, being built on the same foundation, is actually the Liberalism of yesteryear.