#527 (Video 193) – Why do they hate Rittenhouse?

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The big story in the Rittenhouse case was not the event but the divided reaction. For the Left, Rittenhouse was a criminal; for the Right he was a hero. Unprincipled people decide the rightness or wrongness of an action after they discover which political party or ideology is involved. The Rittenhouse case was clearly a case of self-defense; but since it was a set back for leftist hegemony, Rittenhouse was vilified by the media. The irony is they are calling Rittenhouse a vigilante, but by definition, the vigilantes that night were the rioter who believed they had the right to punish the Kenosha community with violence.  Self-defense is not vigilantism. bEvil is being called good, and good is being called evil (Isaiah 5:20). There is an undercurrent of lawlessness spreading across America, and it has eschatological implications.