#96 Evangelical Pastors Civic Outreach

Synopsis: Program #96 – E.P.C.O. –

September 1, 2013

Program #96 begins with an explanation of Acts 9:15 – God’s calling upon Paul to bear the name of Christ before kings. The book of Acts goes on to recount Paul’s varied interactions with Roman officials. In the Old Testament we often read about the prophets addressing the kings. We see in Paul the same pattern for New Testament ministry.

How can we obey Christ’s calling to bring the Word of God to our legislators? The program concludes with a brief explanation of a new trial program: Evangelical Pastors Civic Outreach. I am working to set up annual meetings with pastors and legislators in each of the forty legislative districts in New Jersey. People have told me that this is not possible for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, we have a God that can do the impossible.

Scriptures Referenced: Acts 9:15; Matthew 28:19-20; Isaiah 52:15; Isaiah 58:1; Matthew 14:3-5; Acts 24:24-26; Proverbs 16:6; Acts 28:30-31; Philippians 1:12-14; Acts 13:6-10; Acts 23:16; Matthew 17:19-20