YouTube #40 Honor the President

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Given the criticism and animus against the President, it is time once again to remind the citizenship that God commands us to “honor the king” and woe be to those who disobey.

After discussing the reasons for the Left’s attack on President Trump and the reasons for evangelical support, I cover how the Christian is to respond to the government on three levels: (1) non-violence, (2) obedience, and (3) honor. The Christian community does well on the first two but sometimes forgets the third.

Scripture References: I Peter 2; Romans 13:1-7;1 Samuel 24:5, 26:9; Exodus 22:28; Acts 23:5; 2 Samuel 16:5-8; 2 Peter 2:10; Psalm 75:6-8; John 18:36; Matthew 26:52; Daniel 4:27; Luke 3:19-20