#9 Biblical law

Program #9 – Biblical Law in a Secular World – June 27, 2010

An important issue in our times is the role of Biblical values in public policy. The secularist decries any intrusion of religion into the public square. The Christians know that Biblical Christianity is the basis for all law and freedom. The secularist have been very effective at convincing the public to jettison Christian based laws in the name of American, democratic, pluralistic freedom. This is the way “they drag iniquity with the cords of falsehood” (Isaiah 5:18). The falsehood is the belief that “separation of church and state” means “separation of God and state.”

The program gives the Scriptural teaching that the Gentiles nations are subject to the laws of God (Isaiah 24:5-6, Psalm 9:17, Isaiah 10:1; Luke 19:14)

The program gives current examples of the rejection of the Bible from the public debate, including President Obama’s speech before the “Call to Renewal” conference sponsored by Sojourner Magazine. In that speech the President outlines his philosophy that the Bible has no place in public policy.

The program closes with an example of how Abraham Lincoln turned to the Bible to oppose slavery while Stephen Douglas, who followed popular opinion, supported slavery. Lincoln
called Douglas’ policy “a don’t care policy of indifference to a question of right and wrong.” Apart from the higher authority of the Word of God, the society never improves morally, but only digresses.