#124 Civil Government #6

Synopsis: Program #124 – “Civil Government Lesson #6 – The Form of Government” March 16th 2014

Program #124 is about which form of government is Biblical: monarchy, oligarchy, or democratic republic. This subject may be more significant than meets the eye given all the recent fighting in the world to overthrow established governments. Christians in these countries have to decide who to support. Much blood has been spilled in the 20th century on the assumption that the only righteous form of government is a democratic republic. Biblically, that claim cannot be substantiated. God uses different forms of government at different times for different people to accomplish different purposes. Contrary to the American way of thinking, a government is not unjust because it is a monarchy. Overthrowing one form of government for another is not always the solution to the problems that plague a nation. As is often said, “The change of government is the joy of fools.”

I discuss the examples of Egypt under Mubarak, Israel under King David, the Ukraine under Yanukovych, and Syria under Assad. I then discuss the views of the reformers and the American founding fathers. I conclude with a discussion on a moral legitimacy of the American Revolution.

Scriptures Referenced: 2 Samuel 15:2-6; 1 Samuel 26:8-11; Proverbs 28:4; 1 Samuel 8:18-19; Romans 13