#115 Civil Government Lesson #2

Synopsis: Program #115 – 1/12/2014 – Civil Government Lesson #2 – Reason or Revelation

At the beginning of the fall, I promised my audience that I would be doing a 12 – week series on the doctrines of Civil Government, interrupted as needed by pressing programs on current events. Well, the fall proved to be an avalanche of bad policy: same-sex marriage in New Jersey, DOMA overthrown, the rollout of Obama Care, ENDA. With only one program a week, I did not have any slots for the series. Since Congress has been on Christmas recess, there has been a lull in bad policy. So let me slip in “Civil Government Lesson #2” before the damage begins again in earnest.

Lesson #2 explains the foundational principle that the Word of God must be the basis for the laws in society. This is the Christian view of government which is in opposition to the secular humanist view government in which the King or the populace is the law of the land. Original state constitutions in the 17th century referenced the Bible as the source of law; but by the writing of the Federal Constitution, the influence of the secular enlightenment caused the founders to replace the Word of God with “we the people.” By default, the Constitution mistakenly became the moral guide for our nation.

One wonders whether we will ever be able to bring America back under the Christian form of government. Nevertheless, the Christian community must preach and teach God’s ideal plan for proper governance. As radical as it sounds, every nation must acknowledge that Jesus is the King of kings.

Scriptures Referenced: Matthew 21:23; Romans 13:4; Psalm 9:17; Isaiah 33:22; Ezra 7:10; Deuteronomy 17:18-19; Micah 4:2; Psalm 2:1-2; Romans 2:14-15; Jeremiah 6:19; Leviticus 26:15,33