#74 “Gender Rebellion”

Synopsis: Program #74 – For March 31, 2013 – “Gender Rebellion”

Program #74, Gender Rebellion, is the third program dealing with this pivotal issue of homosexual rights (See also program #16 and #60). I begin with some general updates concerning the homosexual marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week, but then I focus on the heart of the issue as taught in the New Testament book of Jude: a rejection of God’s authority. Because secularists in America
have rejected God, they have arrived at the point where they have also rejected God’s will concerning gender. Since there is no longer a belief in God’s law, morality is now founded on human aspirations for freedom and equality.

The comments of the Supreme Court this week prove the point. To determine the right and wrong of homosexual marriage, the topics discussed were “who is harmed,” “voters rights,” and “human rights.” A century ago, God’s law was consulted; then the Bible and God became no longer acceptable, so legal minds referred to natural law. Now natural law is a pariah, and all that is left is to argue on the basis of humanism. Even conservative pundits today leave off any discussion of God’s higher law.

Without God, all evils become acceptable.

Scriptures Referenced: Jude; Isaiah 3:9; 2 Thessalonians 2:3; Luke 9:23-24