#97 Civil Government Lesson #1

Synopsis: Program #97 – Civil Government – Lesson #1 – September 8, 2013

Throughout the Fall and Winter, I will be interjecting thirteen lessons about the doctrines of civil government. Although “God and Country” continually references Biblical mandates for civic government, these lessons will pull all of the major principles together to be used in a formal adult Bible class. Eventually, I plan to create for churches a video curriculum and workbooks on this topic. Given my limited time, I plan to use the radio programs as a foundation for a future curriculum. So you are my guinea pigs. The final product might be quite different from the radio broadcasts.

Lesson One introduces the students to the Doctrine of Civil Government. In many theological textbooks a few pages are dedicated to this topic. It is often subsumed under the Doctrine of Christ and His Role as Prophet, Priest and King. Lesson One is an introduction. As any good teacher would do, the first task is to explain the subjects covered in this doctrine, the importance of this doctrine, the neglect of this doctrine, and how this doctrine weaves its way through every page of the Bible. The Doctrine of the Kingdom of Christ is paramount in the Bible.

In every century the church has emphasized certain Biblical doctrines. I would not be surprised to discover that the Doctrine of Civil Government becomes the emphasis in the days before Christ’s return. How can we be sure of this? The theological emphasis in the book of the Revelation is the kingly reign of Jesus Christ. “From Jesus Christ . . . the ruler of the kings of the earth. (Revelation 1:5)” In the final days the church will most likely reflect the doctrinal emphasis found in the book of the Revelation. As the government of man is worshipped, as the government of man persecutes the church, as the world embraces the anti-christ, the people of God will have a renewed appreciation of Christ as their King. Jesus Christ, not Caesar, is Lord.

Scriptures Referenced:

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