#120 Civil Government Lesson #4

Synopsis: Program #120 – “Civil Government Lesson #4 – Objections to Biblical Authority”

This week’s program continues the 12-week lesson series on the doctrine of Civil Government. The first few lessons established the truth that God commands the nations to obey His law. Of course, secularists put forth all sorts of objections as to why the Bible should not be used directly or indirectly as a guide for public policy. I answer these five general objections:

(1) Many, if not most, citizens are non-Christians.

(2) Christians are trying to create a Christian version of Sharia law.

(3) America is not a theocracy.

(4) Following Biblical law would result in irrational superstition.

(5) The Bible is ambiguous and subject to various interpretations.

The subtleties of these arguments have fooled many in the Christian community into being either ashamed or silent. Regardless of the world’s unbelief, if the church is to win people for the Kingdom of Christ, the kingship of Jesus Christ over the nations must be proclaimed.